Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Get an editor

Hi! It's May and I'm back from Poem-ville! How did National Poetry Month treat you? Did you read lots of poems? Did you write some? I wrote 18 (three short of my goal of 21) and many of them were tiny (haiku, shadorma, so it doesn't feel as if they should count!) But I had a great month.

Now it's back to regular programming (if you can call anything as sporadic as my postings on LUL 'regular').

During April I went through the first round of edits of my someday-to-be-released novel. Thus when I saw the post, "Why You Need an Editor: A Demonstration" I clicked right on over, read, and watched the accompanying video. All I can say is YEP! Been there done that. Good advice. Take it!!

Hat Tip: N. J. Lindquist

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