Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's almost 2010...

The peace and quiet on this blog during December reflects my relationship with writing during this past month. I've basically taken a hiatus. But I'll be back - hopefully posting more regularly in 2010.

Right now I'm clearing the deck for January projects. I found out this morning that I won a free critique for my NaNo project from editor Andy Meisenheimer. He assures me I have till forever to collect on that, which is a good thing. Getting back to revision and rewrite that project is at the top of my to-do list for the new year. That certainly has to happen before alien (especially editor) eyes get a peek.

Yesterday I did a little introspective writing prompted by the excellent blog post "Seven Questions to Ask About Last Year" by Michael Hyatt. It's a good way to put the old year to bed.

If you're needing more to read, I'd recommend the "Best of Copyblogger 2009" post. Bookmark it and dip into it whenever you have a minute. (Copyblogger is so consistently worthwhile I've actually done something I rarely do and subscribed to the posts by email.)

I've launched another 2010 writing project too. It's a daily devotional blog. Other Food is a blog I opened years ago to write about faith matters. I posted regularly for a while, but then put it in mothballs. For the last while I've felt I'd like to document the things I'm learning every day in my quiet time. Whenever I go back to reread my quiet time journals, I get so blessed. And it's like God says to me - why don't you share the things I teach you?

I argued for a while. Because for me something like that - both the writing and the reading - needs to be a daily thing that you fit into a regular time slot so that it becomes a habit. Committing to writing a daily post is no small matter.

While I was struggling over this, I bumped into several instances of daily provision, one being the Israelites gathering their daily supply of manna during the wilderness wanderings. I had my answer.

And so tomorrow Other Food: daily devo's gets off the ground for 2010. It follows the daily readings suggested by the Canadian Bible Society. (I've feedburnered the feed. If you read and find you like it, you can get the posts delivered daily via email - just sign up using the form in the sidebar.)

Now I wish you a  


Thanks so much for reading.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Poetry anyone?

  • On the advice of D. S. Martin (and moi) get yourself a copy of Barbara Colebrook Peace's Duet for Wings and Earth. Wonderful Christmas poems!! (see The Word Guild Blog for reviews).
  • I write a monthly Poet's Classroom column at Utmost. December's column, "Short" is on writing poems of five lines. (Covers tanka, cinquain and limericks).  All P.C. columns are linked here.
  • Am also doing a little happy dance today because my poem "Forest Usurper" won an Honorable Mention in Utmost's Canadian contest (topic prompter - a picture of a forest fire). The winning poems are all linked here (1st and 2nd place poems are so good - don't know how I squeaked into the winner's circle).